Internships at National Lloyds

National Lloyds is dedicated to helping students and recent graduates gain real-world experience through internships. As a Top 25 Homeowners Insurance Company in Texas, National Lloyds has the ability to offer a diverse range of internship opportunities in a variety of career fields. All interns receive a mentor in their field to partner with throughout the internship. Mentors will assign and guide projects, as well as provide feedback and support. Interns will also have opportunities to network with executives from National Lloyds as well as affiliates of the company. Throughout the internship multiple lunches will be organized for interns to meet with the CEO and other executives. These lunches are a great opportunity to communicate and form relationships with company leaders. The internship program has been developed to ensure that interns are afforded the best opportunity to develop specialized skill-sets through immersion into the daily work of their desired field.

Key Facts about the Internship
  • Internships are typically 6-12 weeks and run from May to August.
  • The program is structured to work around student's schedules.
  • Internships are all competitively paid.
  • Internships are available in the Waco and Dallas offices.
  • Part-time and Full-time internships are available
Departments Hosting Internships

Human Resources

Information Technology

Legal and Compliance


Product Management



A: Interns are not eligible for relocation. However, HR can put interns in contact with past interns for advice and information regarding housing.

A: An intern gains great first-hand experience within his or her department. Specific projects will vary based on department. Interns should expect to take part in the day to day activities of their department. This will typically include meetings, coordinating projects, research, meeting deadlines, and more.

A: An internship with National Lloyds provides exposure to a variety of fields under an insurance umbrella that will provide valuable work experience and a chance to develop and build upon one's skills. To get more information on the internship experience, check out the Meet the Interns section to read about our past interns' experiences at National Lloyds.

How To Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to to apply for our internship program.


Please email if you have any questions.