Trick or Treat for Your Home?

Trick or Treat for Your Home?

Dallas, Texas (October 30, 2015)





Trick or Treat for Your Home?


It is that time of year again…when scores of kids walk through your yard, up your sidewalk and onto your porch in search of candy.  What other time of year do parents let their kids go against everything they’ve taught them about coming up to people they don’t know, taking candy from strangers or knocking on a stranger’s door?


Prepare Your Home

While Halloween can be fun it can also create real financial concerns for homeowners. As soon as kids and their accompanying parents step onto your property, you could be at financial risk, but there are several things you can do to minimize that risk.   Keep in mind that while you may have some concerns, that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the holiday with your friends and family.


First, make sure the area is well lit.  This is your time to shine and the best time to use all of your landscape lighting as well as the lighting on your house.  The better people can see, the less chance of them tripping and getting hurt.


“When kids are running through your grass and around your house, the best thing you can do is to keep your property well lit,” says Mitch Jawitz, vice president for National Lloyds Corporation, an insurance company that specializing in policies for affordable dwellings and manufactured homes.  “That lessens the chance of someone tripping on something they did not see.”


You are essentially inviting people to your home when you are giving out candy on Halloween and if there is a known hazard, you need to fix it or ensure it is well marked. These could be a crack in the sidewalk, a raised section of your sidewalk or driveway or a broken porch step just to name a few.  Make sure the bushes surrounding your sidewalks and entryway are cut back so that they don’t scratch or harm someone or make it difficult for visitors to stay on a safe path. If you take precautions to remove hazards or warn those approaching your house of any dangers, you can limit the possibility of someone getting hurt.


Also, keep your animals secure in the house and away from the front door and visitors.  Animals who are spooked can either get out and run away or may be agitated enough to attack someone approaching your door. 


Am I Covered?

Remember, every home insurance policy is different, so check with your agent or insurance company to see what is covered on your property.  While most homeowners’ policies do cover the cost of an injury even on Halloween, there can always be limitations.


Keep in mind that your insurance agent and company want to work with you to provide you with the best insurance protection for your property all year round.  By planning effectively up front, you can be sure to have your needs covered.


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